About DASH
The DASH (Diversity and Selective Haste) Super Metroid Randomizer seeks to provide more options for runners to complete seeds by limiting the gating potential of certain items and item locations. DASH is based on the Super Metroid Item Randomizer developed by Total and featured in the 2017 Super Metroid Randomizer Tournament.

Item Utility
  • Bombs opens Wrecked Ship Reserve location
  • Spazer opens Waterway and Botwoon hallway
  • Samus begins with Starter Charge Beam that does the same damage as uncharged shots
  • Pseudo Screws and Special Beam Attacks do full damage with Starter Charge Beam
  • Gravity Suit provides 50% heat damage reduction
  • Varia and Gravity each add 50% damage reduction to enemy attacks and environmental damage
  • Varia and Gravity stack to reach 75% reduction to enemy attacks and environmental damage
  • Gravity is no longer restricted from being placed in Brinstar (other than Retro)
  • Minor Item Ratio
    Super Missiles: 15 ± 3
    Power Bombs: 17 ± 3
    Missiles: All remaining items (average of 34)
  • Green Brinstar Logical Progression Item
    Power Bombs: 46.1%
    Bombs: 30.8%
    Screw Attack: 15.4%
    Speed Booster: 7.7%
  • Saving the animals behaves like the vanilla game

The table above describes changes featured in DASH that are different from the Super Metroid Item Randomizer. A complete breakdown of all updates can be found here.

The following introduction videos were prepared by Kipp to outline the major changes featured in DASH.

SG Live 2020 Super Metroid Randomizer
There will be a Super Metroid randomizer tournament for cash prizes featured at the SG Live 2020 event. Due to the current pandemic, this event is now online, and will be restreamed on SpeedGaming. This tournament will feature 16 players who qualify for the tournament, as well as potentially a few other players who purchase special tickets to support SG Live 2020. An updated version of the DASH randomizer will be used in this tournament.

To sign up for the tournament, click here: https://speedgaming.challonge.com/sgl20smr

To see information on the changes to the DASH randomizer that have been implemented for this tournament specifically, click here: https://dashrando.github.io/sgl2020.html

DASH Cash Tournament on SpeedGaming
There will be a special DASH Randomizer one-day tournament on January 18, 2020 that will be featured on the SpeedGaming Twitch channel. This tournament will feature 16 players who qualify for the tournament with the top 8 finishers winning cash prizes. The tournament will begin at 12:00 p.m. ET and will continue throughout the full day until it is completed. For more information and a complete set of rules, click here: https://dashrando.github.io/tournament.html

DASH at DreamHack Atlanta and SG Live 2019
On Saturday, November 16, a DASH race between Zoast and Rossu was featured during the DreamHack Atlanta event. Twitch channel NoResetSpeedrun hosted a charity marathon at the event, and Kipp provided commentary on the run as well as providing basic information about DASH. You can watch the VOD of the race here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/510229319

A beta version of the DASH randomizer was featured in a Crowd Control race during SG Live 2019. The VOD features extensive discussion before the race and can be watched here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/500670759