SG Live 2020 Super Metroid Randomizer CASH TOURNAMENT featuring DASH
There will be a Super Metroid randomizer tournament for cash prizes featured at the SG Live 2020 event. Due to the current pandemic, this event is now online, and will be restreamed on SpeedGaming. This tournament will feature 16 players who qualify for the tournament, as well as potentially a few other players who purchase special tickets to support SG Live 2020. An updated version of the DASH randomizer will be used in this tournament.

To sign up for the tournament, click here:

To see information on the changes to the DASH randomizer that have been implemented for this tournament specifically, click here:

Game Updates
Item Utility Changes  Suit Changes  Item Placement Changes Miscellaneous All of the updates above are changes featured in the DASH randomizer that are different from the 2017 Tournament logic, which was created by Total.

To view information about Total's randomizer on which DASH is based, click here:

To view the changelog on Total's randomizer, click here:

DASH Cash Tournament on SpeedGaming
There will be a special DASH Randomizer one-day tournament on January 18, 2020 that will be featured on the SpeedGaming Twitch channel. This tournament will feature 16 players who qualify for the tournament with the top 8 finishers winning cash prizes. The tournament will begin at 12:00 p.m. ET and will continue throughout the full day until it is completed. For more information and a complete set of rules, click here:

About DASH
The DASH (Diversity and Selective Haste) Super Metroid Randomizer focuses on providing more options for runners to complete seeds by providing new functionality to Bombs, Spazer Beam, Gravity Suit, and Charge Beam. This randomizer seeks to open up Super Metroid even more by limiting the gating potential of certain items and item locations. DASH utilizes the Total logic from the 2017 Super Metroid Randomizer Tournament with the functionality changes to expand players' options to defeat bosses and progress through areas of the game.

For more information, please watch the three introduction videos that will outline all of the major changes that DASH adds on top of what the Total Randomizer created.

DASH Video Collection

DASH at DreamHack Atlanta and SG Live 2019
On Saturday, November 16, a DASH race between Zoast and Rossu was featured during the DreamHack Atlanta event. Twitch channel NoResetSpeedrun hosted a charity marathon at the event, and Kipp provided commentary on the run as well as providing basic information about DASH. You can watch the VOD of the race here:

A beta version of the DASH randomizer was featured in a Crowd Control race during SG Live 2019. The VOD features extensive discussion before the race and can be watched here: